A downloadable game for Windows

a Game Developed by Rudy Avila

*This game contains mature themes and language.*

Special Thanks to Bryan Pham for help with the Refresh executable.

Music used can be found listed in the credits text file included with the download.

*Please Run in Administrator Mode for Full Single Run Experience*

This game visualizes a deeply personal internal dialogue I went through while dealing with recent tragedies. It's a confusing mess of a project, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

I probably didn't say the right things, or give the right answers, but I'm still here, playing the game, and that's enough to be proud for.


AreYouGood.exe 53 MB


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okay, so this game..

i think i've gone thru two different endings?

but being honest,this game made me cry.for me,the emotion was really strong and i couldn't help but closing my eyes and crying it out a bit.good job,dev. we love you

Thank you! <3

ahhhhhhhh my pleasure